Zeredatha Lodge No. 220 G.R.C.


Founded 1869         Installation is in December         Official Visit is in May


Meeting on 3rd Monday of the Month (except July, & August) at 7:30 PM

at the Uxbridge Masonic Hall 

26 Spruce Street, Uxbridge


Officers for 2017 – 2018
Worshipful Master W.Bro.Don Kemball
Immediate Past Master W.Bro. Kevin Morash
Senior Warden Bro. Chris Wilson
Junior Warden Bro. Sam Spagat
Chaplain Bro. Rod Massey
Treasurer Bro. Guy Latva
Secretary W. Bro. Emilio Testa
Senior Deacon Bro. Paul Butchart
Junior Deacon Bro. Ken Wynn
Director of Ceremonies W. Bro. Mark Young
Inner Guard W.Bro. Don Thomas
Senior Steward Bro. Tim Richardson
Junior Steward Bro. Mike Ichelson
Tyler W.Bro. Ted Croxall
Historian Bro. Norm Goodspeed
Organist Bro. Allan Williams



Lodge No. 220 G.R.C.

An item in the “Uxbridge Journal”, the community’s newspaper, in its issue of 10 November 1869, reads as follows – “We understand that the Masonic Brethren have opened a Lodge in this place. Meetings will be held at Annand’s Hotel on Mondays, on or about the full moon in each month”.

While it may seem peculiar in our modern day with street lights and automobiles, it appears that the practice of holding lodge meetings at the time of the full moon was once quite common. In the somewhat isolated towns and villages of rural Upper Canada, travel was done on horseback or on foot over roads that we would probably consider impassible. Since many of the members would have been farmers with chores to complete before going to Lodge, the light of the moon would have been the only illumination through these passages on a dark winter’s evening.

Zeredatha Lodge No. 220 G.R.C., which takes its name from a city on the River Jordan that is recorded in the Bible, received its charter from Grand Lodge on the 4th of July 1870. The first Worshipful Master was Bro. G.H. Dartnell. Lodge records indicate that the first Grand Lodge dues were paid on the 29th September of 1870 in the amount of $10.00 dollars. The purchase of the Lodge Seal cost $7.00 dollars. The sum of $17.25 was paid for the first Lodge Jewels. By the 26th January 1880 Brother Dartnell had become the D.D.G.M. and was received in that capacity as the first official visitor from Grand Lodge. The first official visit by a Grand Master took place on the 14th March 1892. Serving as Grand Master at that time was the Most Worshipful Brother John Ross Robertson.

Zeredatha Lodge is the home of an art collection painted by the late Brother James T. Dowling, a prolific artist and a member of the lodge who served as Lodge Master in 1875. The collection consists of a number of wall plaques mounted in the lodge sanctuary, and some 40 large panels painted on canvas scrolls. The above sample shows his interpretation of a typical workday in the ancient Holy Land. It illustrates a variety of workers, including two masons finishing a Perfect Ashlar. This photo is supplied courtesy of V.W.Bro. Norman Meek.

Uxbridge Lodge History

uxbridge lodge entranceway

Uxbridge Masonic Hall
                          26 Spruce Street
                         Uxbridge Ontario

The Uxbridge Masonic Hall, was built in 1962 by Zeredatha Lodge # 220 G.R.C. Not only has this building been the home of this Lodge for 48 years, it is a veritable storehouse of 19th century Masonic art, the work of the late Brother James T. Dowling. The artwork is painted on several rolls of canvas, seven feet in height and totalling four hundred and twenty-seven feet in length. Although faithfully preserved, because of the size of the paintings, they are only occasionally displayed. Also,several plaques by Dowling are mounted on the walls of the Lodge Sanctuary.

The very first meeting of the Lodge was held in July 1870 in the hotel owned by a Masonic Brother, W.J. Annand. Over the years the Lodge met continuously, but in six different locations within the community. It was resolved to build a permanent home for the Lodge, and on 3rd June 1962, the present building was dedicated by the Grand Master, M.W.Bro. R.W. Treleaven, assisted by Rt.W.Bro. T.F. Dodson, D.D.G.M. of Toronto District #3, and 53 other Grand Lodge officers.

The records indicate that 2157 recorded hours, (and countless unrecorded hours) were contributed by the brothers of Zeredatha Lodge to the construction of the new building. Additionally, $12,000.00 was received in donations, and many of the furnishings were donated by brethren and by other Lodges. Total cost of the building in 1962 was calculated at $23,969.85 dollars.