Sharon Lodge No. 97 G.R.C.

Founded 1858         Installation is in December         Official Visit is in March

Meeting on 2nd Tuesday of the Month (except July, & August) at 7:30 PM

at the Sharon Masonic Hall

20146 Leslie St., Queensville


                Officers for 2018 – 2019
Worshipful Master W. Bro Julian Bolster
Immediate Past Master W Bro Steve Connolly
Senior Warden Bro. Nick Jackson
Junior Warden Bro. Jeff Osborne
Chaplain Bro Nigel Davis
Treasurer Bro. Rahman Khan
Secretary W. Bro. Matt Bales
Senior Deacon V.W.Bro. Gary L Leitch
Junior Deacon Bro. Mark Bourgeois
Director of Ceremonies V.W. Bro. Hugh Colquhoun
Inner Guard Bro. Frank McDonald
Senior Steward Bro Mark Osborne
Junior Steward R.W. Bro. Joe Whitmore
Tyler R.W. Bro. Tom Johnston
Assistant Secretary
Historian RW Bro. James W. Pearson
Union Jack Flag

Sharon Lodge No. 97 G.R.C.

Instituted & Warranted in 1858

Canadian Flag

Very Worshipful Brother James Bowman was the first Master of Sharon Lodge G.R.C.No. 97 when it began operations in 1858.Very Worshipful Bro. James Bowman There is, however, some uncertainty as to when the first meeting of the Lodge was held. The records indicate that a meeting was held in April of that year, but the minutes refer to a previous meeting, probably one held in March. Other evidence, such as the start-up dates and G.R.C. numbers of other lodges formed at that time, indicate the possibly that there had been a meeting of Sharon Lodge in February. In any case the first meetings were held in the Mansion House Hotel in Sharon in a rented room.

The lodge met at this hotel from 1858 until June of 1905. There was a break in the time the Lodge was located at the Mansion House. Around 1890 a fire destroyed part of the hotel and for a few months, as but a temporary arrangement they met in the meeting house of the Children of Peace.

During the years that Lodge was held at the Mansion House they had several landlords and some of these landlords even joined the Lodge. It is reported that one of these individuals made application to join the Lodge and was rejected by the members! It must have taken some considerable conviction to turn down your landlord for membership.

The rent in 1858 was $ 25.00 for the year. Meals were 25 cents each. A few years later the rent was raised to $ 30.00. In the latter part of the century the lodge was having a great deal of financial difficulty and they asked the landlady, Mrs.Betsy Evans for a rent reduction. The rent was very graciously reduced to $ 20.00 per year.

In 1905 the lodge moved to Queensville to a rented space over Burkholders General Store . The room did not have electricity or running water. The first meeting in the new hall was held in June of that year when it was reasonably warm. The older members of the lodge had many stories of cold winter nights, when the snow was blowing into the lodge room through the cracks in the walls.

The Masonic Hall that became the meeting place for Sharon Lodge in 1966 has proven to be a much more comfortable home for over 40 years. Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month, September through June.

History of Sharon Masonic Lodge

Outside of Sharon Masonic Lodge

Sharon Masonic Lodge

Sharon Lodge #97 was founded in 1858 . Over 100 years later, in the early 1960s, after years of holding Lodge meetings in a variety of rented locations, the brethren began thinking about a new temple, one that they would own.

To this end they purchased a one acre piece of property from Harry Leadbetter, a local farmer and butcher, for the sum of $ 2000.00 dollars. This was all the money they had at the time, but that did not prevent the start of work on the new building.

With no money, but a lot of spirit and some donated materials the Brothers, under the direction of Bro. William Curtis, began construction. Particularly noteworthy were the efforts of Burling Construction, a company that built the block walls, and Sharon Lodge member Bro. James Ritchie who did the plastering. Many other Lodge members took part in the various facets of construction.

The temple was dedicated in June of 1966 and has been home to Sharon Lodge # 97 ever since.