Our History

The growth of the Greater Toronto Area lead to the initiation of the new Masonic District of Toronto-York in 2006. In the year 2008 the name is changed to York District.

In the mid 1850’s there were some 83 Masonic Lodges in what is now Canada, and each of them was chartered by one of the “Old World” Grand Lodges in England, Ireland, or Scotland. In an effort to bring some consistency to the structure of Masonry in this part of the new world, representatives from 41 of these Masonic lodges met in Hamilton Ontario on October 10 th 1855 and resolved to form the Grand Lodge of Canada. It is interesting to note that Masonry in Canada precedes the actual formation of the country itself, Confederation not taking place until 1867.

Starting from that rural and agricultural base, the Grand Lodge met the needs of the Masonic community, initiating lodges, defining districts, and providing the continuity needed for the survival of the organization. For clarity, as the country grew and additional Grand Lodges were formed within the nation, the name became The Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario.

From time to time various districts in Ontario have been set up for the organization, originally named alphabetically, and later numerically. In 2006 the districts governed by Grand Lodge were once again re-aligned to reflect the growth and development of the area. This time they were named for the locations they represent. Toronto York District included some twenty Masonic Lodges in an area bounded by Major MacKenzie Road on the south, Airport Road on the west, as far north as the community of Sutton, and as far east as Uxbridge. They meet regularly in twelve Masonic Lodge buildings in this District.

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